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Bandra Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, India

Posted by Kshitija Nadgouda on March 23, 2006

BWSL Visions
(Courtsey Dar Consultants)

The Bandra-Worli Sea link (BWSL) is an on-going project connecting the western suburbs of Mumbai to downtown proposed to be completed in 2007. The BWSL is a part of the Western Freeway Sea Link (WFSL) project undertaken by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). It will be an alternate route for office-goers working in downtown, by-passing the Mahim Causeway.

(Courtsey MSRDC)

The BWSL with a total length of 5.6km, will have 8 lanes, expanding to 16 lanes at the automated toll plaza in Bandra. Two cable stayed bridges with a minimum clearance of 20m (for marine traffic) are proposed. The flyovers will rest on open foundations, and the bridges will rest on pile (drilled shaft) foundations. Lachel Felice and Associates, Inc. have been awarded the geotechnical design and supervision for the project.

In 2001, the Indian People’s Tribunal on Environment and Human Rights conducted a detailed inquiry on the necessity and feasibility of the BWSL. Several environmental issues were raised in the report they presented. Some of those are listed below:

  • Encroachment within the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ).
  • Negative impact on environment such as degradation of downstream water quality.
  • Negative impact on livelihood of fishermen due to reclamation of fishing areas.
  • Negative impact on marine ecology
  • Possible coastal erosion or silting of downstream water bodies
  • Increased traffic to increase severity of air pollution

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9 Responses to “Bandra Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, India”

  1. Sachin Choughule said

    Just a couple of queries –

    1) How do they build the foundation of the pillers of the bridges constructed across the sea / ocean ? Do they go dig into the sea bed ? If yes, then it this true for very high ocean depths ?

    2) I have seen the construction of the Vashi railway bridge. I could just see “very huge” concrete tubes above the sea level. Motors were being used to pump water out of them… Could not understand the logic as if all the water is pumped out (assuming the tube is embedded in the sea bed) will it not crash due to the pressure of the surrounding water ?


  2. Great questions, Sachin!
    I will write a separate post later today trying to answer your questions.

  3. […] This post is about foundations of structures built over the sea, in response to two questions posted by Sachin Choughule on the post about the Bandra Worli Sea Link. […]

  4. Anonymous said

    Far Behind China

    BWSL was commissioned in 2002 and is nowhere near completion, but neighboring country China seems to understand the need for infrastructure development rather well. The 22-mile bridge that links Shanghai to the industrial city of Ningbo across HangzhouBay is said to be the longest ever sea bridge to be built. The bridge cuts the 250-mile journey to just 50 miles, thus saving fuel and time. In a ceremony held recently the officials welded together a final section to complete the link. The official opening to traffic will however take place next year. The six-lane roadway will allow you to touch speeds of up to 62 miles per hour. Hovering above the Yangtze River Delta, the bridge facilitates passing of ships from beneath, as this area sees a lot of ship traffic as well.

    If we can use China’s consumer products, why not learn a good lesson from them for infrastructure development?

    Hopeful commuter

  5. carl said

    how is it built from down

  6. Desiree H said


    Not what I was looking for, but cool site. All the best….

  7. rohit said

    What types of foundation are used in mumbai sea link bridge?

  8. samrudhii said

    please can u inform me about the types of fish affected and the approximate fall in no. of fishes as i am doin my extended essay IB on the effect of the bandra worli seea link on rhe marine ecology.thankyou

  9. Prasad Vader said

    Have they adopted cassion or Cofferdam Technique?

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