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Landslide along Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Posted by Kshitija Nadgouda on July 6, 2006

Heavy rains on Monday caused a landslide along the Mumbai-Pune Expresway near Khandala. It would be more accurate to call it a rock slide rather than a landslide since the hillslope is primarily a deccan trap rock formation. Big boulders and stones came toppiling down on to the expressway, obstructing traffic along two of the six lanes.

Simple preventive or mitigation measures such as nets should be proposed along the expressway in potential shallow landslide prone areas. Geologic mapping of the area should be carried out to determine such potential landslide prone areas or aras that have seen landslides historically.

Landslides along the Mumbai-Pune expressway have unfortunately become an annual feature with at least one landslide each year in the monsoons. The concerned agencies must take preventive and proactive mitigation measures to ensure this doesn’t continue. Will the authorites wake up only after loss of life occurs due to these landslides?

Get more information about the Mumbai-Pune expressway at:
or at the Road Traffic Technology site.
And photos at:
Amit Kulkarni’s site
or Shantanu’s gallery
The Pune Lifestyle webpage also has some great photos.

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