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This weblog is about the impact of Geotechnical Engineering in everyday life. It is not a very systematic approach to introducing the field of Geotechnical Engineering. However, it is an attempt at collecting together my thoughts, knowledge, opinion, etc on various matters related to the field in simple language that most can understand. More information about me.

To do complete justice to Geotechnical Engineering, I will expand to peripheral subjects like geology, hydrology, earthquake engineering, etc. Your opinions, suggestions, criticism, everything is most welcome and will contribute to this weblog.

You can write to me at knadgouda [at] gmail [dot] com.

Copyright: Kshitija Nadgouda.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. All decisions regarding Substructure Componants and any/every thing below ground level even remotely related thereto need to be vetted by a competent GeoTech Engineer.
    There have been cases of ignorant Client, Consultant and Contractor signing and implementing ‘VOID CNTRACTS (especially under sections 29, 56 and 67 of Indian Contract Act 1872)’ not vetted by a competent GeoTech Engineer.
    For example ENT Specialists and Dentists never encroach on each others jurisdiction(areas of work)though they are pretty close in some cases.

  2. viswanadh said

    I want to become a IGS member so can you please provide information how to get the application form and mode of payment.

    Thank You.

  3. bibomedia said


  4. marganda said

    dear sir

    i have problem for plotting coordinat in geostudio , the data in format autocad dxf/dwg. i must finishing 10 crossection analazing every week. if i use picture to trace the background it take too long time , 1 cross section = 150 points. beside data in format dxf/dwg i have extracted that coordinat become x,y (format xls). could you give some clue with capturing picture from geostudio ??


  5. ALKAABI said


    We are one of the main Geotechnical laboratory at Saudi Arabia; we are looking to hire a Geotechnical engineering.

    Please forward us any interested CVs for candidates.

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